Mask It Now LLC

GCS-Disinfectant Fogger machine - 4.5L Electric Portable Cold Fogger Machine

Don't be fooled by less expensive versions on Amazon and Ebay they have not been designed for disinfecting.  Our unit has an upgraded motor and casing 10ft long cord and a special spray nozzle that can be adjusted to emit a steady flow of mist not spray.  Designed for using with disinfectant solution easy to use no assembly required just fill with solution and use.These units have a 1 year replacement warranty not repair our manufacture stands by their product.

Save money and keep your workspace or home, clean and sterilized with this 4.5L ULV cold disinfectant fogger machine.

This low capacity nebulizer is suitable for use in disinfection, sterilization, and other types of spraying work.

The disinfectant fogger machine is long-range and efficient, needing only a small amount of solution making your sanitizing products last longer.

The droplets produced are quite small, but spread over a large area and remain airborne for longer, making cleaning and disinfecting much easier.

You can use the fogger yourself to save the cost of hiring potentially expensive contractors. 

Ships within 5 days

Product Specification
Voltage: AC 110V/60HZ or 220V/50HZ
Rated Power: 1400W
Tank Capacity: 4.5L
Length of power cable: 5 Meters
Spraying Volume: 150-260 ML / MIN (adjustable)
Mist particles: 0-20μm
Spray Distance: 8-10 Meters
Packaging Size: 43x23x39cm (17”x9”x15.5”)
Packaging G. Weight: 3.6kg (8lbs)