Mask It Now LLC

Vinyl Social Distancing Floor Stickers (5-Pack)

Keep your staff and customers safe with these social distancing floor stickers. 

They are bright red with a black background featuring the following message in white text “Social Distancing - Keep Distance -  6 Feet Away - Please Stand Here”.

These floor stickers are ideal for stores and other indoor spaces where you need to enforce social distancing rules to stay compliant with the new re-opening guidelines for required social distancing signage.

These vinyl adhesive stickers attach to any hard surface. 

While designed to be placed on the floor, thanks to the strong adhesive it's easy to apply the stickers to multiple materials and surfaces including glass windows, aluminum, stainless steel, sanded wood and plexiglass.

  • Size: 10” x 6”
  • Quantity: 5-Pack