Mask It Now LLC

Social Distancing Floor Signs (5-Pack)

Ensure you're following the rules with social distancing signage, and also keep your staff and customers safe.

These bright red hexagonal stickers mimic the design of a stop sign to capture your attention and state: "WAIT HERE: STOP THE SPREAD "

In any building where queuing is necessary, these stickers can help you to enforce social distancing, without needing an employee to direct customers where to stand.

These stickers are designed to be placed on the floor, however, they can actually be applied to almost any surface including glass windows, aluminum, stainless steel, sanded wood and plexiglass.

If you don't want to put the stickers on the floor and watch them getting dirty, you could always create a stopsign like sign or affix to the end of an aisle.

  • Size: 10.” x 10”
  • Quantity: 5-Pack