Mask It Now

Max Capacity Signage & 5 Pack of Be Smart Social Distancing Floor Decals bundle

Businesses re-opening kit :

Not only will these stickers help you to stay compliant with there-opening guidance on social distancing signage, but if adhered to, they will help keep your staff and customers safe.

The bright red circular stickers have black and yellow "warning-style" band around the edges to draw attention and show with the message "Social Distancing. Please Stand Here" at the centre of the sticker above a set of footprints.

The stickers are perfect for stores or any enclosed spaces where social distancing guidance is required to keep safe and compliant. 

 Size 10x10 5 pack


Max capacity is a requirement for businesses to post in window under new re-opening guidelines this bundle will save you money and keep you compliant.

Size: 12 x 12 inches.