Mask It Now LLC

Social Distancing Floor Stickers (5-Pack)

Not only will these stickers help you to stay compliant with the local guidance on social distancing signage, but if adhered to, they will help keep your staff and customers safe. 

The bright red and yellow circular stickers display the message: "Be Smart, Please Stand Apart" around the edge, with a set of footprints in the center.

The stickers are perfect for stores or any enclosed spaces where social distancing guidance is required to keep safe and compliant.

While these stickers are designed to be placed on the floor, thanks to the strong adhesive, they can actually be applied to almost any surface including including glass windows, aluminum, stainless steel, sanded wood and plexiglass. If you don't want to put the on the floor and risk them getting dirty, you could always affix to a freestanding signpost, or to the end of an aisle.

  • Size: 10.” x 10”
  • Quantity: 5-Pack    Ships in 2 days