Should we worry about recycled air now?

November 08, 2020 1 min read



Our new safety guidelines 6 ft of widely spaced office workers in a large room with well-designed, smoothly functioning ventilation pose little danger to each other or do they?— As we give thought to the latest announcement less then a month ago about viruses that can linger in the air for hours and much less time on hard services. Why are we only worrying about touch services? We can't live our lives in a bubble or walking around with a CO2 monitor to understand the ventilation issue we really need to understand that A/C recycled air can really effect the health and safety of us all.

As we reopen, the more indoor spaces we will have to share with strangers, and while we can plainly see whether those around us are observing pandemic protocols, it will be impossible to gauge the safety of the air in every store, factory, and school. We move from atmosphere to atmosphere, trusting  maintenance staff to keep them safe, just as we trust airplane mechanics and ground crews to keep us aloft in the sky. “If an infected person introduces the virus into a space, then it’s there,” we can use misting virucides like HOCL to treat the air and the a/c filters, to help reduce it.

We just have to be diligent with putting in place every possible safety protocol at this point. We do have new options and HOCL is the best and safest right now.

We are what we exhale let's keep that as safe as we can!

Camille Abraham
Camille Abraham

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